Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday February 13th 2013 ~

More finishes for you!
American Folk ~ hooked by Jane Umstead ~ love Jane's colors! as bright as her personality!
Jane is a dear friend who happens to live close by ~ she & her hubby Steve have won the affections of our donkeys!!

My Virginia Home ~ stitched by Robin Brown ~ beautiful framing ~ Robin lives here in Virginia as well :)

Harvest Moon Witch ~ hooked by Sandi Telzrow ~
look at the detail of the ribbon at her waist, and the little broom on the roof of the farmhouse! eeeep~!

Oh Glorious Day ~ hooked by Sandi Telzrow...another beautiful rug with wool-beading around the border...
Keep 'em coming Friends!!


  1. Sandi I love your rug!! Wonderful colors!!

  2. Thanks Laura and Sherry - Lori's patterns are just the best. Sooo much fun to color plan and embellish!